DEKS OLJE® D.1 : Exotic wood saturator

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DEKS OLJE D.1 allows your exotic woods to resist external aggressions.

Easy to use, it can be applied with a brush or roller and dries in 24/48 hours. Its excellent penetration guarantees a quality result and easy maintenance. Perfectly suited for dense and difficult-to-impregnate woods.

Ideal for enhancing your terraces, garden furniture, or boats with a touch of elegance.


The D.1 is a saturator for exotic woods based on alkyd resins and natural oils.
• Suitable for dense, oily, and difficult-to-impregnate woods.
• Excellent penetration of the substrates.
• Non-film-forming. It should be inside the wood rather than on the wood surface.
• Oiled finish.
• Easy to use. Easy maintenance.


• Exterior: garden furniture, terraces, decking, boat decks, topsides on boats, gates...
• Exotic woods: Teak, Mahogany, Movingui, Ipe...
• Can be applied above or even below the waterline (if covered with a suitable finish); provides excellent insulation and creates a bonding base before conventional underwater treatment.
• Horizontal - vertical.

Recommendations before application

General instructions:
• The wood must be clean, dry (3 days of dry weather - maximum wood humidity 18%), healthy, and prepared according to the rules of the art according to current standards - free from dust, mold, grease stains, and any old coating.
• If the wood has significant surface glazing (which hinders product penetration), provide prior preparation of the substrate (consult us).
New wood:
Depending on the surface:
• Leave the wood exposed to the elements for 6 months then clean with NET-TROL®* if necessary
Degrease the wood with OIL CLEANER®* then neutralize with DECK CLEANER®*.
• Iroko, Padouk, Azobé: see recommendations before application.
Old, stained, or blackened wood:
• Clean the substrate with DECK CLEANER®*.
• Sand the wood if necessary.
Previously treated (oiled) gray wood:
• Remove oil with the OIL CLEANER®* + DECK CLEANER®* system.
• Sand the wood if necessary (grain 100).
Formerly varnished or varnished wood:
• Strip the wood with the MARINE STRIP®* + DECK CLEANER®* system and sand if necessary.


Do not dilute.
Apply a coat of D.1. until saturation.
Allow the product to penetrate for 15-30 minutes.
Repeat the process until the substrate is saturated (wood refuses).
Do not let it dry between coats (apply "wet on wet").
Once the wood is well saturated, always brush or wipe off excess product to avoid any shine upon drying.
Note: The oiled appearance of D.1. during application gradually disappears in the weeks following and depending on exposure to sunlight. When the wood takes on a light gray hue, proceed to maintenance.
Application temperature +5°C to +35°C
Coverage per coat 8 to 12 m²/l
Dangerous. Follow precautions for use. Contains 3-IODO-2-PROPYNYL BUTYLCARBAMATE. May cause an allergic reaction. May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways. Harmful to aquatic life with long-lasting effects. Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking.