The DURIEU Group, a four-generation family story

The DURIEU Group 


Durieu is a family name before being that of a group, and the history of this group is indeed that of a family-owned company.

In 1923Georges Durieu, the great-grandfather of Thibault Durieu, the current leader of the group, launched a business in importing and exporting non-metallic automotive parts, particularly brake linings.
In 1933, his son Paul-Henri, then a chemical engineer, initiated a change in direction by launching the first penetrating oil on the French market. This product was intended to facilitate the disassembly of brake drums and thus strengthen the initial activity. Between the wars, especially with Transyl and Compensyl, DURIEU became a specialist in maintenance products, while still operating in the automotive sector.
By the end of 1956, The Flood Co., an American company, was looking for distributors for its rust preventive product. Durieu then imported the American-made product and repackaged it in its own containers; thus was born RUSTOL.
In 1963, with increasing volumes, a European manufacturing license became necessary. With General De Gaulle expressing intentions of independence, the small story intersected with the grand, and this license went to the Norwegian company Olsen & Wang! In the 1960s, OWATROL was born, which European distributors then bought from Norway. Durieu, on the other hand, stipulated in a contract that once a certain volume was ordered, it would have the right to produce OWATROL in France.
By the early 1970s, with the goal achieved, Rustol production was launched in the new facilities in Bondoufle in the Paris region, specially built for this purpose. Southern Europe then began sourcing from Durieu.
In 2004, Flood offered Durieu the opportunity to also manufacture for Northern Europe thanks to the modernity of its industrial facilities. A distribution company for Europe, "OWATROL International," was then created in Barcelona.
By early 2006, Durieu became a shareholder.
In 2008, Durieu acquired the Belgian brands Linitop and De Keyn, as well as the remaining stake in Owatrol. Durieu rightfully took under its wing the brands it had been supporting and developing for half a century.
In 2012, The Durieu Group strengthened itself with a new production facility in Northern France, holding all the labels and certifications of the profession: ISO 9001 (Quality), OHSAS 18001 (Safety), Ecolabel, NF Environment, and ISO 14001 (Environment). The brands, TargolOxiElixiss... from the company Peintures et Chimie complement the other brands of the group.
Today, the Durieu Group has taken on a new dimension, without losing sight of its values and roots. The company creates and distributes its maintenance and protection products for wood and metal, serving professionals and individuals in 40 countries worldwide. And the family adventure continues...